About me

I’m a researcher, teacher, communications professional, and an overall expert on digital culture, based in Helsinki.

In the past, I’ve held a variety of jobs from face-to-face marketing to copywriting and from communications to academic pursuits.

My academic work centers on the affective elements of popular culture. Outside academia, my work revolves around writing, communication, and conveying good feelings.

I write about my life on Twitter and take photographs of it on Instagram.


Curriculum Vitae

Academic work

Researcher, teacher, supervisor, lecturer

I graduated from the University of Turku in 2009. In 2013, I went back and started working towards a PhD degree at the school of Digital Culture. In addition to doing research and publishing it, I have also taught undergraduate and graduate students, supervised graduate theses, and spoken about my work in academic and popular events. In my dissertation, I explore the aesthetics of affection in the Pokémon franchise. Aside from affect, cultural production, and pocket monsters, my areas of expertise include popular culture, digital media, and videogames in particular.

Communications and

Communications specialist, press officer, designer, online media producer, freelancer, blogger

Over the years, I’ve worked in many roles related to communication. All of them share an emphasis on copywriting, digital platforms, and affective output. I’ve also worked as a freelance journalist in various magazines, writing everything from reviews to cultural thinkpieces.

Other jobs and

Digitization specialist, doorman, election official

Trained in first aid, first response, and office folklore

The odds and ends of my work history include e.g. working in digitization, as a doorman, in face-to-face marketing, and as an election official. These gigs sound inconsequential but they were crucial in generating assorted know-how I wouldn’t otherwise have accrued. For example, through them I’ve been trained in basic archival and database skills, first aid, and firefighting. I’ve also learned the dark arts of on-site photocopier and printer repair.

For further details and full CV, contact me at johannesko@iki.fi.